Karyn Chopik

Karyn Chopik is a well known artist from Canada’s West Coast. You can always spot a Karyn Chopik piece. Her unique aesthetic includes a contrast of rough beaten metal against smooth sculptural design and extraordinary stones.

"Thanks for all of the work

your teams design and attention to detail is unsurpassed our website and Shopify store is up for the world to see, thanks again. “

Karyn Chopik

Online Catalog

We built a online ecommerce store/catalog that allows the client to be free of hundreds of calls so that they can get back to shipping out there product.

Website Graphics

We are continuously changing graphics for Take A Break Coffee to ensure that there website always looks current and up to date.

Custom Programming

We have done many custom upgrades to  make their catalog custom to for their needs and services.

Packaging Design

packaging reasearch and development for Karyn Chopik, we sourced out packaging that would work for the product and created the graphics to go along with the packaging.

Our Catalog Builder was used for this website and has been running 10+years with great success. managing all orders and sales from the catalog/ecommerce store.

The Catalog Builder System is a full customizable database system .  Let us know what your needs are so we can see if the Catalog Builder is right for you.

Services Provided


Logo Design, Corporate Idenity, Graphic Design, Print Material, Website Graphics and Technical Illustrations we do it all.


We build custom applications that work to improve your companies productivity.

Website Design

Web sites that are built to work on any device so that you always look good.


We develop marketing systems that help you to get to the frontline.


Corporate Hosting that is managed and secure to ensure that you are always online.

Corporate Email

Email Support that is unsurpassed in the industry and servers that are always up.

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